Rhodesia - Fighting Vehicles and Weapons of Rhodesia: 1965 to 1980

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The definitive publication on the indigenous fighting vehicles, weapons and war materials produced in Rhodesia during the Rhodesian Bush War


Beleaguered by international sanctions and fighting an ever-escalating guerrilla war, the government and civilian sector of Rhodesia were forced to look inward and locally produce many of the necessities of war and self-defence.


From these indigenous developments, most unusual and unorthodox given the severely limited resources of the Rhodesians, came many engineering and military inovations.


The first generation of monocoque land-mine proof vehicles is one of these many inovations and the forerunners to many of todays mine proof vehciles.


First published in the early 1980's when Rhodesia had just become Zimbabwe and now re-printed in limited quantities, read original reviews. Ordering information below.


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